Patient Summary & PHR

Access your health record and manage your personal health record

Connect with professionals

Share your health records to the doctor you want

Treatment Plan

Schedule new treatment plan and organize your goals and todo lists

Panic Button

Feel always safe with sharing your location when you are in need

Break the glass

Allow professionals to watch your health record in emergency situations

Family sharing

Include your loved ones on the circle of care


The key innovation point is openDECIPHER lies on the pragmatic approach it takes in mHealth app development. Instead of focusing on a killer app, openDECIPHER focuses on removing the barrier of mHealth application integration in the operational mission critical and security minded healthcare ecosystem. Thus being a platform that “democratizes innovation” as suggested by the man who coined the term Prof Eric Von Hippel. In addition our proposal has another innovation point and innovation impact is the establishment of an R&D open source community. This will assure business continuity and continuous integration with new technologies, standards, etc. This approach has been proven technically and business wise feasible and viable within the epSOS project.